Current Zero-Crossing Prediction Based Critical Conduction Mode Control of Totem-Pole PFC Rectifiers

Drawn by Mingde
  • A novel current estimator is proposed for CRM control. The behaviors of the estimator considering the nonlinear output capacitance of switching devices are modeled and analyzed;
  • No current sensor, ZCD circuit, or ZVS-catch circuits are required. This reduces the component count of the peripheral circuits and the resistive losses in the power circuit;
  • To improve the prediction performance, a disturbance damping control is proposed to mitigate the variation of inductance and parasitic resistance.
  • The proposed current estimator provides information on both the instant current and average current. The noisy CRM current signal is excluded from the control loop;
  • High power factor and high efficiency can be realized simultaneously. Valley-switching and zero-voltage switching are achieved;
  • The proposed concept is naturally compatible with high-frequency GaN devices.
Mingde Zhou 周明德
Mingde Zhou 周明德
Ph.D. candidate of Power Electronics

My research interests include resonant converters, AC/DC converter, magnetic integration and advanced control.